Welcome to our Sensual Secrets blog - now the Love Superstore! We are newbies to blogging, so bear with us and join us on this journey. The Sensual Secrets blog is a place to discuss and ask about the things our parents didn't teach us, the topics we can't discuss at work or over dinner with random people, the topics we may want pointers on or just hear someone else's experience on. So many relationships fail and so many people live unhappily, simply because they are afraid to ask, talk about or open up about these topics. I know there are a ton of forums out there... but we have made this, our own little spot and we invite you to join us! We are never alone, you are never alone in your thoughts... let's share those experiences, fantasies, tips and thoughts with like minded, free spirited beautiful people! If you don't consider yourself free spirited... let's work on that!

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