10 Best Anal Sex Positions

10 Best Anal Sex Positions

Do you and your partner enjoy anal sex? Do you think that doggy style is the only way to achieve it? Well guess again my little friends, there are many different positions to try for anal sex and some may even take eating out of it for the receiver! Yes, you read that right! So here are the 10 best anal positions for the next time you are doing it booty style.

1. Double Decker

Who says the man has to be on top for anal sex? Many positions utilize female-on-top help to make anal more comfortable. This position being one of them. The man will lay on the bed or floor on his back and the female will stand over him, facing his feet. She then lowers down onto him and once she has gotten him all the way in she will lay back against his chest using her legs to slowly move up and down. This position can sort of squish the man so it may not be ideal for heavier couples.

 2. Side Saddle

There is a misconception that anal sex requires a bit of "force" for entry and therefore no lazy positions are possible. Not true! The Side Saddle is a perfect example. The man lays on his side and the woman will lay at a 90 degree angle to him (imagine a T) and lines her anus up to his penis. He will thrust into her until he is fully engaged and then just slowly slide in and out. This position offers her a comfortable and relaxed position as well as access to her clitoris and breasts to boot.

 3. Reverse Cowgirl

This is a fairly standard position for vaginal sex but it works equally as well for anal sex and offers the man a nice view of that hot anal action. The man lays on his back his legs together the woman slides on top of him facing his feet and either squats to while he enters (which can relax the anal canal making it easier) or slide back while on her knees. Either way she is in control and can take him as far as she wants.


 4. Twisted Doggy

Like doggy but different. The man gets on his knees but instead of bucking up into her, she will be bucking onto him. He will place on leg up (on his foot) and the other bent and then lean back. The woman will get on her knees but keep herself more upwards and then back onto his penis. She, then, can control the speed and depth and he can fondle her butt, clitoris and lower back.

5. The Back Staircase

Sometimes it is nice to bring sex out of the bedroom since a new locale can be a turn on and, in this case, can be a good position as well. This position can actually help some couples who find other positions difficult. The woman will kneel on a stair, holding on to the stair above and the man will kneel on the stair below her. Then she can lower herself back onto him while he grabs her hips for stability. This is a good position for couples who may not be able to bend easily without support.

6. Intimate Anal

If you thought that anal sex would never give you the intimacy of a traditional missionary position think again! This position does afford you that eye contact that you desire with an uber hot position to boot. The woman lays on her back and tilts her butt back by holding her knees up and by her head. The man enters her and then once inserted leans onto her. He can vary the position by being more up on his knees, or, if his partner is flexible and agreeable, lay almost down onto her. This position provides wonderful, deep penetration and both intimacy and a great view for the male.

7. Scissors

Lesbians aren't the only ones who can scissor. This position offers a great angle for her, deep penetration for him and the added view of being able to see all of her while he is doing the deed. She can fondle her breasts or clitoris if desired. The woman lays on her back and slightly tilts her hips so that one leg is up on his left shoulder, her other leg is bent so that he can almost sit on her knee. The man will line up his penis with her anus and enter, then slowly move in and out of her using her leg to help him thrust. 

 8. Tabletop

Why not move your anal to the dining room table (or any table will do) and create a deep penetration. The woman lies on a table and either is lifted up by her lover to achieve the appropriate line up of penis and anus OR uses pillows to achieve the correct alignment. Then her legs drape over his shoulders or they can rest on his chest, just depends on which feels more comfortable for you. He can go slowly or pick up the pace and get a beautiful view of her as he goes.

9. The Dirty Rocking Horse

Woman-on-top positions help so much when it comes to penetration as she is the one in control. This position requires the man to sit cross legged (or loosely so) and lean back onto his hands for support. The woman then straddles and helps him to enter and then once completely inside can rock back and forth onto him while kissing or fondling. This position will not work well for heavier couples as it requires you both to be quite close to each other to achieve a good angle.

 10. Spooning

Who says you can't achieve anal spooning? You can and you should! While in the traditional spooning position with man behind, simply scooch yourself back to line up with his penis and achieve entrance. Once he is comfortably inside, she can scoot back against him and what results is a slow, intimate spooning sex. Doesn't that sound blissful?

BONUS Doggy Style: We can't forget doggy style as it is a standard and, honestly, a great position for anal sex. The traditional woman-on-hands-and-knees rear entry position offers variations depending on how low the woman puts her upper body, how close together her knees are, etc. The position makes for fairly easy entry, is a deep penetration position and puts the man in control. Super sexy and FUN!