5 Ways To Reach Multiple Orgasms

Orgasm! Ahhh, there is nothing quite like it! The toe-tingling, sheet grasping, breath-taking phenomenon that, if we are lucky, we can achieve once per sexual session. What if, however, you could reach this pinnacle more than once per session? How about three times? Four? Ten? It is possible to have more than one orgasm per sexual encounter, but it takes some dedication and training to achieve it. In the land of multiple orgasms there are sequential orgasms which occur when your orgasms come about 5-10 minutes apart, with a slight decrease in arousal in between. And there are serial orgasm which occur when your orgasms are mere seconds apart, with no dip in arousal in between. For purposes of this article I am going to strive to guide you toward sequential orgasms, simply more than one person session.

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The beauty of the female body is that there are so many different avenues to achieve arousal. So, when the clitoris is too tender to touch, focus can shift to the G-spot. In fact, the best time to focus on the G-Spot is after you have had a few Clitoral orgasms! The G-Spot arouses slowly, filling with fluid and becoming more ripe for attention and orgasm. Even if you cannot have a “squirting” orgasm via the G-Spot, the internal stimulation maintains and builds your arousal. So, while resting between clitoral orgasms you (or your partner) can concentrate on stimulating your G-Spot! Then, once your small break is over, back to the "C" – then back to the "G" – then the "C" .....see the pattern?

It should be no surprise that foreplay is important for a woman to orgasm. It is very rare that a woman orgasm without foreplay. Our minds need to be seduced and our bodies respond better to touch/ stimulation. So, the more aroused you are, the more likely there will be an orgasm and repeat orgasms. So, when training for the multiples, make sure your man is up for the foreplay, during play, and after play! Just because you have orgasmed does not mean he should stop paying attention to your special spots!

Have you ever noticed that when you orgasm your PC muscles clench? This is because those muscles are essential for orgasm. Not only will having better strength and control over these muscles help you to feel more stimulated during sex (by squeezing your partner as he is inside you) but having well-tuned PC muscles also aids in multiple orgasms! The stronger your PC muscles, the stronger your orgasms and the more frequently they will come! So get to doing those Kegels, ladies!

As with anything in life, you have to want it to get it! If you are a woman who truly wants more than one orgasm, then you have to put the power of that desire to work. Many women orgasm and immediately feel the withdrawal of arousal due to the shift in hormones that occurs post-orgasm and they start to lose interest in sex. This can often be an issue for her partner, who may or may not have reached his own orgasm. Therefore, the fix is to put your mind on multiples. Believe you can have another orgasm and put your mindset into achieving that!

After orgasm, there is a period of time when continued stimulation of the clitoris can be uncomfortable and even painful. This leads to the inability to continually stimulate to further arousal. So, in order to have additional orgasms you need to train yourself to push through the refractory period. The easiest way to do this is, immediately after orgasm you refrain from touching your clitoris directly. Instead, touch around it. Stroke either side; rub with your full hand instead of a single finger. However, within a minute, start to stimulate yourself directly again. Despite it being uncomfortable, the key here is to continue to stimulate yourself. Each time you orgasm, wait less time in between to restart stimulation.

We am sure that in the quest for multiple orgasms you have gotten frustrated with the tender state of your lady bits and wondered, “what’s the point?” The point is PLEASURE! More and more pleasure. I was actually trained to have multiple O's by using repeated and constant sexual stimulation via a Wand Massager. Now, while I am not saying this was the most pleasant way to achieve this goal, it was effective.