Guide to the G-Spot Vibes

Top G-Spot Vibrators

Ah, the elusive Gräfenberg spot, more commonly known as – The G-Spot. What? Don’t be silly, Of COURSE it exists (if you have the right tools, education and willingness to find it.) You don’t have to be an archaeologist, OR a physic to find yours. The truth is, if you’re a woman – you have a G-Spot and possess the ability to have a G-Spot orgasm. If you’re a man, well, you can find a woman that has one. It’s magical, it’s mystical and when you locate it, you’ll know. In fact, the more often you look, the easier it is to find! Below are a few sex toys that will make this a little easier!

Butterfly Kiss – Rechargeable - Pink

Sensual Secrets Butterfly Kiss
This is one of our best-selling vibrators of all time. The Butterfly Kiss Vibrator has thousands of satisfied customers. It is shaped perfectly to hit the g-spot and the butterfly provides lots of powerful vibrations to stimulate your clitoris. This dual action vibrator will help you achieve G-spot orgasm or even blended orgasm more easily, even if you are a first-timer. It also has three modes of vibration to tease and please. The flexible shaft helps you find your sweet spot and stimulate it for mind-blowing pleasure.


The Backdoor Rabbit in Black

Sensual Secrets Backdoor Rabbit
The Backdoor Rabbit is not just for the backdoor, it’s flexible silicone shaft cleverly conforms to your body's contours, making it perfect for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. As for the rabbit stimulator curling up from below, that little guy holds tight to the toe-curl keys. Soft flickering ears and tickly whiskers flutter and flicker in time as 6 more magical modes of intense vibrations pulse from within. And no one will know your little secret, thanks to the whisper-quiet motor and discreet design. This is the perfect G-spot stimulator for anyone.


Sensuelle G Rechargeable G Spot Massager

Sensual Secrets Sensuelle G Rechargeable G Spot Massager

The Sensuelle G Rechargeable G Spot Massager is perfectly curved for G-spot stimulation! It is firm, slim, and easy to use! You will love stimulating your favorite hot spots with its 10 modes of vibrations and pulsations that will surely satisfy your sexual needs. It is a great option for experienced and beginner users. Use it to give yourself powerful G-spot orgasms or you can even use it as a clit stimulator! Enhance foreplay or sex by playing with a partner!




Sensual Secrets GIGI 2
This high-end vibrator is classy and sassy with its sleek shaft and luxury design. With this toy you will never have to buy batteries again. Yup - it’s rechargeable! The GIGI 2 is a dedicated pleasure object for the discerning G-spot connoisseur. Carefully sculpted to unlock the secrets of this mysterious and special place, the dramatic shape breathes an air of investigative purpose. Eight modes of vibration and a virtually silent vibrator engine deliver deep and vibrant sensations with spot-on precision. A full charge lasts up to two hours and this hypoallergenic silicone vibe is completely waterproof!


Lucid Dream No. 14

Sensual Secrets Lucid Dream No. 14
Don’t let the generic name and lackluster number fool you; this toy is everything but generic. It will give you sweet dreams every time you use it! Affordable, trustworthy and pretty; the Lucid Drean No. 14 has everything you could want – right down to the perfectly curved tip designed to reach your G-Spot and help you achieve sexual ecstasy! The vibrations are delivered from the head, which makes this toy unique – and powerful right where you need it most. It can be used for clitoral stimulation as well!


American POP! POW! 

Sensual Secrets American POP! POW!

Simple, small, easy-to use and perfect for all of you G-spot newbie’s out there. American POP! POW! Silicone Vibrator is handcrafted with the vivid colors, strong shapes, and playful aesthetic evocative of the Pop Art movement and pairs perfectly with a small but powerful 10-function vibrator. An angled, bulbed end curves to stimulate the g-spot and other sensitive areas with Platinum Premium Silicones smooth, velvety texture. Sometimes all of those buttons, bumps, knobs and thing-a-ma-jigs can get in the way of a good time – this is the low-tech, easily affordable, back to basics version of a really good thing. Plus, it’s very discreet (for all of you with nosey children/roommates/significant others.) Buy one for yourself, and one for a friend.


NOJE – G Slim Rechargeable Vibrator

Sensual Secrets NOJE – G Slim Rechargeable Vibrator

With a long, firm handle and a curved neck, this vibe is made to fit all of the sensual nooks and crannies of a woman’s body while providing the ultimate in G-Spot stimulation. The NOJE – G Slim curves perfectly to hit your sweet spot, and it has a multi-speed dial with 10 vibrating functions so you can find the perfect vibration intensity. The simple yet innovative design makes it easier than ever to achieve an explosive G-spot orgasm.