Guide to Using An Anal Training Set

Anal sex is quickly becoming a more regular part of many couple’s sex lives. While it is not quite standard, meaning many couples still do not engage in it, those who do are finding it a very enjoyable part of their sexual experiences. However, before jumping right into anal sex, it is sometimes advisable to work into anal penetration. There is a HUGE difference between a finger and a penis! Anal training sets are made especially to help train the body to accept anal penetration. So, whether you are already an anal practitioner – or are new to anal – here is exactly how to use an anal training set.

What Is An Anal Training Set?

Basically, anal training sets come with 3 or more anal plugs that vary in size. As you can see, there is a small, medium and large size. These plain plugs are the absolute best way to begin experimenting with anal play because they are solid (which aids in insertion), smooth on the exterior, tapered at the top, rounded at the top (also for easy insertion), and they have a safety bottom so that the plug doesn’t get lost up the anal canal. These plugs can be used one after another to gently stretch the anal opening.


What's The First Step?

Obviously, the first step is to pick the smallest plug, use a fair amount of lube (make sure the lube you choose is compatible with your plugs.) You want to put lube on the plug AND in your anal opening. Then, have your partner (or you can do it yourself) GENTLY push the plug up into your anal canal until it sort of gets “sucked” up inside and the base is flush against you on the outside. You can rock the plug in and out, push slow and steady, or even push a little in and retract a little at the same time. The receiver should push OUT (like you are having a bowel movement) as the plug is being pushed in. Take your time, go slowly and allow the plug to work itself in. NEVER push it full on in or shove it.

It's In, Now What?

Well, this is really up to you and your partner. Most people will have foreplay or vaginal intercourse while the plug is inside. Not only does this make vaginal sex a bit “tighter” but it feels amazing to the woman. If a male is using the plug, it is going to push a bit on the prostate and this is also extremely pleasurable. You can masturbate while the plug is in as well. There are lots of options, but ultimately just enjoy the feeling of the plug inside you.

What If I Want To Go Larger?

Ideally, you will want to increase the size of the plug. You do not have to do this on the first go round. You can use the small plug as long as you would like and never move up. Or, like most people, you will want to use the larger plugs to move up in side and get to anal penetration. You need to follow your body’s cues here. If you feel that you want to move up, do so by following the initial suggestions – meaning, use more lube, go slowly, don’t push your body. You can most definitely go larger, just let your partner lead you here.

How Do I Transition To Anal Sex?

Many people opt for the anal training set to train their body to accept anal sex. Once you get to the largest anal plug, and your body has adjusted to having the plug inside, you can move on to anal sex. Anal sex will be much easier and more pleasant if your body has already been stretched a bit by the anal plug. To do this you would get the largest plug inserted as above. Use LOTS of lubricant. Once the person accepting the plugs has relaxed, then you can remove the anal plug, use MORE lube, and then work on anal penetration. The anal canal will stay distended (opened) for a little bit of time once the plug has been removed, but it will shrink back to its original size. This means, once the anal plug has been removed, add more lube and move on to anal penetration right away. This is the best way to use a training set for anal sex.