What Do Men and Women Get Out of Anal Sex?

This is a question that I get asked a lot: “what do I get out of having anal sex?” Sometimes that question is followed by some added commentary like, “because I know it hurts and can’t feel good” or “cause only gay men would really like anal.” Yeah, no. Come on guys and gals – this is the year 2016! Are we REALLY still living in a world where anal sex is taboo and people still think it hurts? OK, so do you want to know what you really get out of anal sex? Here’s what!


OK, let’s enter the circle of truth – does anal sex hurt? Eh, maybe if you are not doing it right or your partner is pushing you too fast or if you do not use lube. However, under normal circumstances, anal sex feels a little uncomfortable for the first few seconds to maybe a minute tops, then it feels quite amazing! Yes, this is for both WOMEN and MEN – and in some cases men say they find it EXTREMELY pleasurable (the prostate gland and all of that). Anal sex when does right is a very intense and pleasurable experience for both genders. For women, add in a little clitoral stimulation and I guarantee you will have a tremendous orgasm! For men, add in some penis stroking or a blowjob (depending on logistics) and you will also have a tremendous orgasm! Let’s all say it together: ANAL SEX FEELS GOOD!


You have heard the expression, “What is good for the goose is good for the gander?” Well, with anal sex this is absolutely true! The anal canal is the exact same in both men and women. Yes, the men have the prostate gland which sort of pushes up against the anal wall, but other than that, exactly the same. The nerve endings are the same, the shape is the same. So, if it feels good to HER then it will feel good to YOU. Men, why aren’t you allowing yourself the same pleasure as your partner? If you anally penetrate her, and she reports it feels A-MAZING – then let HER anally penetrate YOU! It is the equal opportunity pleasure center. Take advantage. Learn. Grow. Be a man. Yeah, I said it.


Don’t we all want to have a sex life that is fun and different? We don’t want to be stuck in Wednesday night missionary sex land, do we? NO! HELL NO! We want variety! We want hot sex! We want different positions and experiences! Yes, we do. We want to add anal to our sexual rotation. Adding in anal sex will give you something else to do on those special nights when you are feeling particularly randy (i.e. horny) and want to make things sizzle! It can add so much to foreplay too (the rimming and the anal play!) Not buying it, eh. OK, imagine this scenario: your man is laying on his back on the bed. You are giving him a nice blowjob. You turn your body backward while kneeling on the bed, so your pussy and ass if facing him. He can finger you from that direction, including sticking a finger or two up your anal canal while you blow him. This gives him a great visual and gives you that anal stimulation. It also prepares you for anal sex if it progresses to that. Hot, right? OH YEAH IT IS! Sexual variety should ALWAYS include anal sex. Just sayin’.


This may sound a little silly, but have you seen those ADORABLE anal plugs that look like animal tails? Raccoons, and foxes and bunnies! They are so darn cute – and men find them VERY sexy. I, myself, have a few of them and my man loves when I enter the bedroom donning one! Then he knows that anal sex is going to happen AND he gets turned on by seeing me wearing the plug. It is a costume for your butthole – how cute and sexy is that? Plus, ladies, imagine the accessories!


Anal sex gets a bad rap as being the “taboo” sexual experience where the man is not really interested in intimacy, but instead wants that animalistic experience. I tend to disagree big time with this! Anal sex requires a lot of trust. You are trusting your partner to pay attention to you in a very important way as to deliver pleasure, and not pain, and to give you an experience that is overall a positive one. This requires good communication, a lot of trust and intimacy. Yep. I can see the bumper sticker now: Anal Builds Intimacy!